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Stephen Mushin: Now If What Then: Thought Experiment

Session Info:

This session begins with an interactive reading and discussion where Stephen explains the projects in his upcoming book, Now If What Then. Stephen then works with the audience to tease out these ideas using drawings on a white board, incorporating their suggestions, and exploring ideas.

Participants will then work on their own ideas, and solve problems using design thought experiment exercises – mapping out problems, throwing up mad ideas, drawing, using magnets to create designs, writing stories about them, doing back of napkin calculations, imagining what would happen if their ideas could be built.

For secondary audiences, this session can be adapted to suit different subjects. For example, with English classes the focus can be on writing stories about the future, with maths classes on doing the number crunching (how many years would it take to…collect enough gas to fly cows, collect enough human manure to re-forest cities), and with environment classes looking at ecologies.

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