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Open Right

John Heffernan: NAVEED – From the Winter of war comes the Spring of hope

Session Info:

  • An unflinching look at war and its impact on ordinary people, especially children and women.
  • A tribute to the courage and resilience of those who refuse to be crushed by the staggering forces of war, especially the young.
  • A glimpse into how hope and optimism can triumph over despair, poverty, hunger and disease.
  • An exploration into the power of attitude. Compassion and understanding versus vengeance and hatred. Words versus weapons.


  • A selection of readings to highlight key aspects of the novel such as characters, suspense, action and emotion.
  • Researching a war story – getting everything right.
  • Telling it as it is. How to write the hard stuff. Capturing realism without turning off your audience.
  • The Director’s Cut: What to leave in, what to take out.
  • Taboo or Not Taboo: Dealing sensitively with cultural issues without becoming bland and irrelevant.
  • Where Now? What happens to this beautiful country and proud people when the Coalition forces leave?

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