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Making a Nation: On the Outside Looking In

Session Info:

This session complements the history unit ‘ the making of the Australian nation’ as part of the new curriculum and: (a) provides an overview of the experiences of non-Europeans in Australia prior to the 1900’s: the Japanese, Chinese, Malays, South Sea Islanders and ‘Afghans’ (b) examines factors behind the White Australia Policy and its influence in modern Australia


  1. 19th century society leading up to the White Australia Policy (social Darwinism and economics)
  2. 19th century tensions between white teamsters and ‘Afghan’ cameleers and the role played by the media, politicians and professional agitators
  3. The ‘Dictation Test’: nuts and bolts and impact (no wives allowed and why)
  4. Opposition to WAP
  5. 1972 end of WAP

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