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Open Right

Luke Kennedy: What Gang Life Taught Me About Taking On Feedback

Session Info:

The presentation begins with a short, shocking story to capture the audience. Luke then explains the five key elements he used to go from being a normal kid, to the leader of one of Sydney’s most notorious street-fighting gangs where he was stabbed on two separate occasions; once in the lung, the other time in the head.

There was one key element that Luke failed to implement when he was at the top, causing the gang to come crashing down. He then demonstrates how he used these same elements to start and run his award-winning company.

To stay at the top of his business, Luke learned from past mistakes and implemented the missing piece of the puzzle…

Being open to taking feedback!

In the gang-life if somebody gave Luke negative feedback, he would instigate a fight. He thought he knew it all and that he was always right. When something wasn’t working, he would blame others. If you do this in business, you’ll soon be out of business. If you’re not taking on feedback, you’ll come crashing down.

Feedback can come in many forms; it can be a verbal complaint or a customer who doesn’t return. It could be a decrease in your numbers or that your boss (or co-worker) suggests a new way to do something. If you’re not open to feedback then you’re at risk of stunting both your personal and financial growth.

  • Sales
  • Crucial first impressions
  • The importance of being open to taking feedback

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