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Amanda Cooper: Gallery for a Day

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The exhibition of original artwork from well known Australian picture books is set up in a room with the illustrations displayed as if they were in a gallery. Amanda reads the children a book, highlighting an original illustration from the story. As a group she discusses with them the media and style the illustrator has used and why they made those choices. Students increase their observation skills as they explore and respond to the art work. Not only are they immersed in the work of book illustration, they become “Art Detectives”!

Working in groups of 2 or 3, students examine an illustration from a picture book of their choice and then its original. They note any differences/similarities that they observe and what media and style the illustrator has used. The students look at preliminary art works and reference material that has been used by illustrators. Through this they gain an appreciation of the process of making a picture book. Students report their findings back to the group and learn from each others observations.

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  • Visiting art works in a gallery
  • The process of making a picture book; words and pictures
  • What are preliminary artworks?
  • Different media used by illustrators
  • Looking at style, colour, size, form
  • Different story, different style
  • Celebrating the creators of our Australian picture books

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