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Sophie Jamieson: Food to Succeed in Exams

Session Info:

  • Around 200,000 students sit Year 12 exams each year.
  • Stress, sleeplessness and anxiety are regularly reported by students.
  • During these periods students are putting enormous stress on their mind and body to comprehend, remember and recall new information.
  • Highlighting the importance of nutrition – our brain weighs only 2% our body weight but uses 20% of our total energy
  • Nutrition can be the key to our students developing the neural pathways for memory recall.

Eating a healthy diet can play a vital role in achieving optimal academic performance during exam time.

During exams we ask our brain to learn new concepts, remember and recall mountains of information and concentrate for long periods of time. In the same way that you need the right fuel to play sport, you need the right fuel to be cognitively fit.

Some foods are known to improve cognitive function, enhance mental alertness and maintain prolonged concentration. These foods can help students to learn and remember key information for their exams.

This talk takes you through, step by step, what foods are required by the human brain in order to perform at its best.

A key takeaway from the talk is an itemized list of Study Snacks & Meal ideas, specifically designed and balanced to provide maximum nutrients to support cognitive activity.

Topics Covered:

  • Our brains are marvelous things!
  • Food as fuel – how nutrients fuel our brain
  • How we remember facts
  • Dos and Don’ts: choosing foods to support your functional needs
  • Study Time snacks & meals: Specific combinations to support cognitive function

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