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Nathan Strempel: Fear of Failure

Session Info:

Apathy is an epidemic engulfing young people. In previous generations you gave everything a try at school. With the exponentially increased pressures that social media provides, modern generations will often avoid or not try during activities they don’t excel in. Fear of failure is often crippling for young people.

Through dynamic storytelling, interactive activities and engaging multimedia, this presentation helps shift the mindset around failure being something to avoid to something to embrace as a crucial step to any success.

Students will come away from the session with a significant hit of motivation, but more importantly a pathway for ongoing activation. Nathan’s relatable call to action provides the opportunity for ongoing learning and growth beyond the presentation.

Topics Covered
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Building Resilience
  • Defining Success/Failure
  • Study skills/goal setting-
  • Media/Social media pressure
  • Life balance/perspective
  • Discerning which guidance to follow
  • Managing others expectations
  • Expanding personal expectations
  • Moving beyond apathy
  • Turning failure from a negative to a positive
  • Deciding your own pathway
  • Subject/career choice

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