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Open Right

Nicki Greenberg: Extended illustration workshop – SPLAT! Create amazing characters

Session Info:

This workshop includes all the material from my shorter illustration workshop PLUS a surprising ink blot activity.

In this session, you’ll learn some great techniques for bringing your characters to life. Whether you like to draw people, strange creatures or random shapes, this workshop will help you create fabulous characters that leap from the page. Even the simplest stick figure has amazing expressive possibilities! We’ll explore facial expressions, body language, movement and environment and then take your characters into a very sticky situation…

Suitable for all ages from Grade 5 onwards. Years 7 to 9 really enjoy this one!

Topics Covered

  • understanding and creating lively facial expressions
  • form and movement
  • body language
  • exaggeration and emphasis
  • interaction
  • making meaning from the random

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