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Open Right

Archie Fusillo: Exploring Culture and Identity

Session Info:

Many young people face the prospect of feeling as though they don’t fit in, that somehow their experiences are so different to everyone else that they will never fit in or belong. Having grown up with English as a second language, attending school not being able to read English, living in a household where traditions and expectations set me apart, I know first-hand what this is all about. But I rose above it to forge a very successful career as both an international author and a public speaker. My story is about the power of self-belief, hard work and the need to set goals.


  • Why background is not an excuse for failure.
  • Why playing to your strengths leads to success
  • How opportunity needs to be grasped and exploited
  • Why there is no substitute for hard work and planning
  • Your ethnicity need not define you

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