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Alice Zaslavsky: Clocking your Exams on Expert: Optimising your eating, sleeping and fitness to maximise your results.

Alice Zaslavksy

Session Info:

In this session Alice shares her tips on food, sleep and fitness to maximise your exam results!


  • Food:
    What sort of foods help nourish your brain/give you slow-release energy for 3-hour exams.
    What’s in season for mid-year/end of year exams.
    Study/Pre-exam snacks that can help you stay alert .
    Hydration nation – why water is your brain’s best friend.
  • Sleep:
    Why staying up till 1AM studying isn’t going to help you for tomorrow’s exam.
    Snooze strategies to help you calm an overactive brain.
    Brief meditation demo.
  • Fitness:
    Why fit kids do better.
    Exercise suggestions to help wake up your noggin.

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