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Open Right

Shane Horsburgh: Critical Conversations

Session Info:

How do young men deal with problems they have in their lives? Do they speak openly about them or do they bottle them up? Sadly, it appears the latter is the preferred option as most guys fall back on a natural instinct to avoid talking about problems or hassles in their life; contributing to high rates of anxiety, depression and suicide amongst young men. One of the major drivers of this behaviour is our interpretation of what a ‘real man’ is, and how a ‘real man’ should act.  During this session, Shane will debunk the stereotypical view of what a ‘real man’ is and link it back to how talking about our problems is a natural, healthy and ‘manly’ thing to do. His sessions have the immediate effect of releasing pressure off the shoulders off the young men, and also remove some of the stigma around mental health issues.


Topics covered:

  • Why ‘real men’ can talk about their problems
  • How to recognise those who may be able to help you
  • Vulnerable is not weak
  • How to recognise someone who may be struggling with mental health issues
  • How to approach and talk to someone who may be experiencing mental health issues including correct language
  • Where to refer someone who needs further help.


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