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Open Right

Samantha Gash: How to create and benefit from a VCE support team

Session Info:

Ultra running and completing your final years of high school are seemingly solo ‘races’. Both only finish when the athlete and student gets to the finish line.

Samantha approaches her races and long distance expeditions by assembling a team of people around her, who have unique and differing skill sets to her own. Through collaboration Samantha is in a far better position to achieve her goals than if she pursued them on her own.

Learn how to create your support network with the knowledge that if done in the right way, students can have more success in the lead up and during the exam period. Hear these lessons through the viewpoint of dynamic and successful teams, that have been put together to achieve extreme physical and mental goals.

Topics covered

  • Fundamentals if picking your own team
  • Being realistic with your strengths and weaknesses
  • The art of delegating
  • Communicating your needs
  • The importance of give and take
  • How to make study groups work for you

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