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Fiona Harris: Comedy Writing & Performance

Session Info:

In this workshop, Fiona uses games, exercises and improvisation to help students hone their comedy writing and performance skills. The skills and tips learnt by students in this workshop can be used and applied to numerous situations in students’ lives, building their self-esteem and giving them the confidence to deal with a range of everyday obstacles and experiences.

In her workshop, Fiona uses scripts from sketch comedy programs she has worked on to help students find their lighter sides and their inner-comedians.


  • Comedy as an outlet and even a cure for stress, anxiety, depression and shyness
  • Finding your ‘inner comedian’
  • Writing and performing your own work
  • Comic tools Eg. timing, comic perspective, conflict, the law of opposites, tension & release, detail, characterisation & structure
  • Different kinds of comedy & different styles
  • How comedy changes to fit changing social interests

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