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Open Right

Luke Ryan: Bullying the Bald Kid

Session Info:

Luke Ryan didn’t always have the easiest time at school. Skipped through the second grade, he spent the rest of primary school on the outer, both the nerd and the young kid. Coming into high school he was all ready for a new start, but disaster struck at the end of the first term when he was diagnosed with cancer of the knee.

A year later he returned – thin, bald and wheelchair-bound. The last thing he needed was to be bullied as well, but early high school can be an unforgiving time for those deemed to be different…

With humour, warmth and empathy, Luke takes students through what it means to be bullied, in the words of someone who’s come through it all and has the scars to prove it. More than simply another anti-bullying speech, Luke offers a relatable and casual message to all students – bullies, the bullied and those watching on – a message about the often confusing nature of being a teenager, and the wonders that can be achieved when cruelty is swapped for kindness.

Topics covered

  • Inclusiveness
  • The dangers of bullying
  • Knowing that it gets better
  • Considering the consequences of your actions

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