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Fiona Harris: Super Moopers: Building Moopertown

Session Info:

Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar are co-creators, along with beloved children’s author Sally Rippin, of the beautiful series Super Moopers, out now from Bonnier. In these sessions Scott and Fiona take children on a visit to Moopertown whilst exploring themes of creativity, collaborating and brainstorming.

The session includes

  • An introductory Moopertown Song
  • Powerpoint presentation outlining the creative journey of the Super Moopers and how they came to be.
  • An interactive talk with the students that incorporates the idea that when you are drawing you are telling a story, as well as the importance of failing and trying again and not giving up after your first try.
  • Designing Moopertown and its inhabitants – what would you put in a town or on a map if you were creating one?
  • A performance/reading of a Super Moopers book.
  • Drawing workshop – Let’s think about shapes. Let’s think about faces.
  • Decision Time. Let’s pick a Mooper to work on together. What might they be called? Let’s talk Story. What situation has our Mooper gotten into? How might their flaws be a plus?
  • Moopertown song to finish

By the end of this session, students will have been involved in a creative process, from brainstorming to final outcomes. They will hopefully walk away with a first-hand experience of what goes into creating a series like Super Moopers, and with a keen sense that books are made by people just like them; they don’t magically fall out of the sky.

Fiona and Scott have decades of experience in live performance and storytelling, and this workshop is an engaging and fun session of drawing, writing, group discussion and even a song or two.

Read more on the Super Moopers website.



‘Our Year 2, 3 and 4 students absolutely loved Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar and were thoroughly engaged through their entire presentation. From the first song, through the inspiring journey of how the Super Moopers came to be, a very entertaining reading of one of the stories, and together creating a new character from scratch, our students were captivated. It was wonderful to see the collaborative work of Fiona and Scott, not only as author and illustrator of the series, but also the ease with which they work together during the presentation. Thank you Fiona and Scott for a very inspiring and lively presentation showing the joy of creating wonderful stories for our children.’

– P. Dukes, Beaconhills – Pakenham, September 2017

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