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Open Right

Shane Horsburgh: Mission to Manhood

Session Info:

Does becoming a compassionate, caring, connected human being make you any less a man? Or does the opposite occur as these traits allow men to develop resilience and inner strength?

The idea of mature masculinity has long been shrouded in the commonly held belief that macho/egoic behaviour somehow equates to greater manhood; an ideal that causes never ending heartache and suffering. From coping with divorce to the group mentality of males in school, work and military circles, the modern ‘map of manhood’ is a false one that needs urgent attention.

Learning from his experience in the macho driven world of Counter Terrorism and as a Training Contractor in Iraq, Shane debunks the stereotypical ‘tough guy’ image with personal stories that will amaze, inspire and amuse. Using videos, pictures, anecdotes and interactive participation the audience is engaged in a language and story that is easy to relate to, easy to understand and readily accepted.

Highlighting many of the ego traps men fall into, this workshop will cover:

  • Building inner strength and resilience in young men
  • Identifying personal boundaries and developing strategies to stick with them
  • Mastering emotional energy.
  • How our conditioning can lead to the creation of false maps
  • How young men can tackle the road ahead with optimism, honesty, freedom and openness
  • Unlocking their inner superhero.

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