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Shane Horsburgh: Breaking Bias

Session Info:

Bringing increased levels of personal awareness to members of an organisation is the business imperative of our time. When people become self-aware, they learn to adapt the way they communicate and relate to the different motivational needs of the people they work with. Teams become more effective when members understand that a successful team harnesses the variety of strengths different people bring to the team. Being conscious of how team members interact with others is a fundamental strategy to allow the organisations vision to be communicated more effectively. It allows people to make good choices and provides a method of continually checking our intentions against personal and organisational values. Using a positive psychology approach to promote emotional intelligence, resilience and decision making ability, the session will boost a person’s overall ability to successfully cope with the demands of their environment. 

Topics covered:

  • Utilising a simple self-awareness tool to identify their own behavioural style
  • Examining the neuroscience behind how they react to external stimuli in their environment
  • Developing a deeper understanding of our emotional response mechanism (fight/flight)
  • Understand and develop their own level of emotional intelligence as a springboard for greater productivity.



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