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Open Right

Sean Fyfe: Brain, Body and Sport: 6-11 year olds

Session Info:

  • Where along the skill and sports development pathway is a 6 to 11 year old and what experiences do we want kids in these years to have?
  • How is a kids brain developing and how can we use this information to help nurture kids in this age group?
  • The brain and exercise – science all parents should be aware of
  • Physical development of kids at this age
  • How does sport lead to happier and better adjusted kids?
  • Essential facts about food and the brain
  • A look beyond 11 years


  • Sports skills, physical activity and long term health
  • Sports skills development pathway
  • Neurological research on exercise every parent and teacher should know
  • How parents and teacher can impact long term health and sporting outcomes
  • Nurturing psychological development through active skill learning

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