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Jack Heath: No Such Thing As Wasted Knowledge

Session Info:

I started writing my first book at age 13, mostly to impress a girl. When I finished it at age 17, I submitted it to a publisher and found myself suddenly catapulted into the wild world of thriller writing.

Since then I’ve written five more books, met the other authors at the forefront of the action-writer movement, visited LA to negotiate movie rights, spent a year reading only books by women, and been named ACT Young Australian of the Year. I’m Jack Heath, and this is my story.

“Jack is an inspirational speaker who mixes good humour with educational content. A must for any teenage group.” –Brendan Magee, teacher


  • The crucial differences between books and other entertainment mediums, including music, movies, video games and the theatre
  • What makes a good YA novel, and why
  • How fiction is the only constructive application of lying
  • Goosebumps, vomit, and other physical reactions books can provoke

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