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Dr Michael Nagel: Blame Their Brain: Why Our Children Do What They Do!

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Many parents often wonder why their children act and behave the way they do? They often marvel at the stages of development they witness and simultaneously may be left bewildered by that very journey of growth and maturation. As a parent and a researcher in neurological development my aim is to unlock some of the mysteries of the development of the mind from birth through adolescence and shed light on why children and teenagers may act the way they do. The intent is to give parents an avenue for understanding a range of developmental inevitabilities including the importance of just saying ‘no’ to a toddler and the reasons why adolescents seem to have difficulty explaining their actions when doing the ‘wrong’ thing or indeed why they are, at times, seemingly incapable of responsible decision making.

A session for parents.


Human development, especially neurological development The adolescent brain Gender differences in learning and behavior 21st century learners

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