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Steph Bowe


Steph Bowe is the author of YA novels Night Swimming (Text Publishing, 2017), All This Could End (Text Publishing, 2013) and Girl Saves Boy (Text Publishing, 2010). She was born in Melbourne in 1994 and now lives in Queensland.

She has appeared at Melbourne Writers Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, National Young Writers Festival and the Emerging Writers Festival, among many others, and has been speaking in schools and delivering writing workshops since 2010. She was one of triple J’s inaugural 25 UNDER 25 and won Express Media’s award for Outstanding Achievement By A Writer Under 25 in 2010.
She has also written for The Age and had an essay published in Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have To Change The World  (UQP, 2013).

What themes are present in your work?

I think the themes that are at the foreground in my work are issues like loneliness and the struggle to both fit in and to become your own person, figure out who you are when there’s this immense pressure to be like everybody else going on. Both of these things affect everyone, but are especially intense during your teenage years. I want to write novels that everyone can relate to, and that a teenager can pick up and read, and hopefully get the sense that they’re not alone in what they’re going through.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about YA literature and the ability of young people to do great things! I think too often young people are dismissed as being lazy, or irresponsible, or unmotivated, but I think this is absolutely untrue. I think all teenagers need to find their passion, and need to people to have faith in them, and they can achieve amazing things. And YA literature is also dismissed as being less meaningful than adult literature, which is untrue again! I want to share the great YA literature out there with everyone, irrespective of age, and I want to write some of it myself! Books can be amazingly influential, especially when you’re young.


I just wanted to let you know how great Steph was here at St Aidan’s AGS yesterday. She did three sessions with Year 8, 9 & 10 students and they were both engaged and inspired. It was wonderful to have such a polished young author presenting here for Book Week.

—K. Lewis, Head of Library Services, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls' School, August 2012

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